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Dr. Michele Williams, DMD

BioRejuvenation Mansfield Tx

Excellence in BioRejuvenation Dentistry in Mansfield, Tx

What is BioRejuvenation Dentistry?

BioRejuvenation Dentistry goes beyond aesthetics to rejuvenate your mouth’s function and look. This holistic method enhances your dental health by focusing on the entire chewing apparatus—teeth, muscles, and jaw joints.

Key advantages of BioRejuvenation Dentistry include:

  • Optimized Bite Function: Corrects your bite to reduce tooth wear and alleviate jaw issues.
  • Increased Comfort: Proper bite alignment decreases jaw, neck, and head discomfort.
  • Natural Aesthetic: Revitalizes your teeth’s natural appearance for a youthful, vibrant smile.

This approach marries functionality with beauty, providing a complete solution to dental health and aesthetics.

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Benefits of BioRejuvenation dentistry

BioRejuvenation Dentistry revolutionizes dental care by enhancing both your smile’s look and your mouth’s health. It targets the whole dental system—teeth, jaw, and muscles—to improve function, reduce discomfort, and restore natural beauty.

Key goals include:

  • Improving Bite: Minimizes teeth wear and jaw issues.
  • Reducing Pain: Aligns your bite to ease jaw, head, and neck pain.
  • Boosting Aesthetics: Brings back the teeth’s natural look for a youthful smile.

This approach combines beauty with functionality for comprehensive dental wellness, promoting a balance between aesthetics and natural health mechanisms.

BioRejuvenation Dentistry – What to expect?

BioRejuvenation treatment with Dr. Williams is a step-by-step process. First off, we make sure any infections in your teeth, gums, and bones are taken care of. Then, we work to stabilize your jaw joints TMJs (the joints in your jaw) with a customized orthotic ( C2O) appliance.

After joint stabilization, we will decide whether moving the teeth with orthodontics, surgery or minimally invasive enamel tooth grafting is better.

Next up, she creates a detailed plan of your perfect tooth shape with a custom wax model. This plan is put into action over two visits, transforming your smile.

BioRejuvenation dentistry mansfield tx

BioRejuvenation Insurance Coverage

Insurance and costs for BioRejuvenation can differ for everyone. On your first visit, Dr. Williams will create a treatment plan that fits your financial situation. Williams Dental Wellness offers different ways to pay and help in getting low-interest payment plans.

Dr. Williams focuses on BioRejuvenation at Williams Dental Wellness. It's a gentle yet effective way to better your smile and oral health. Getting your bite and chewing right can really boost how you feel every day.

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